LPT: Dont treat other people’s family dynamics like you treat your own, especially during the Christmas season

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Thank you for recognizing this, I’ve personally had to go no contact with a large majority of my biological family. I’m not affected by comments like this, but I’m grateful that others see how damaging it can be to expect or pressure someone else to tolerate toxic family.


Thanks for posting this. I made the choice to not have any contact with my abusive mother after many, many years, but for some reason people don’t get what a deliberate and final decision it was. I am kind of tired of continually explaining and justifying that decision. Most people act as if it was some flippant, rash choice that I’ll eventually ‘get over’. The reality is that it was a choice I made after YEARS of deliberation and hesitation that took me a lot of effort to make, and is not a decision I am planning on reversing I know I’m not the only person out there who has gone through this painful experience, so on behalf of all of us- thanks for saying something.


So was Kevin McAllister wrong when consulting with Old Man Marley?


Especially since the person saying “talk to them” have no knowledge of why there is a strained relationship in the first place. No Janice, I do not have to explain to you why I don’t have any intention of interacting with my sister on any level.