LPT: Thinking of moving? Google “military BAH” for an idea on how much it costs to live somewhere

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Additional note- you’ll want to search by rank to determine the average. As a good baseline for most people, filtering by “E5” and “with dependents” will give you the middle range of average rent imo. If you want to be pessimistic or frugal, just filter for “E5” and “without dependents” for a lower average.


As another poster mentioned, use the E5 pay with dependents amount for an accurate estimate. That’s the rate the VA pays veterans using the GI Bill for college. Edit: Some people have been commenting about the BAH rates decreasing for those using the post 9/11 GI Bill, and I would like to clarify on this. Up until 2018, if you went to a university with multiple campus locations, your BAH would reflect the rate of the mother campus, not where you may actually be living. For example if you went to University of WA in Tacoma, you would be receiving the Seattle BAH rate since that’s where the main campus is. Now they’ve changed that so you’re getting paid on where you actually live and go to schoo. The change was delayed due to technical issues with implementation until Dec 1 this year. Now, some people may see a decrease in their rate, while others may actually see an increase or no change.


This is original and a genuine pro tip. Thank you.


Also, MIT’s living wage calculator.