Major Aussie cities start to feel impact of drought. Australia’s long run of hot, dry weather has taken a harsh toll on farmers and led to devastating bush fires, which continue to burn. Across Australia, water storage levels are at 48 per cent capacity, down from 55 per cent a year ago.

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Fuck the farmers. They overwhelmingly vote for the National party which only cares about the interests of mining corporations, and the Liberal Party which has stolen billions of litres of water from rivers and used it on stupid agricultural projects like growing cotton. They’re responsible for the decline in populations of many native animals including dingoes and wedge tailed eagles. As a bloc they are stupid and self centred, but they’re not even good at being selfish because they vote against their own interests. Fuck em, let em all burn in the fires they voted for.


What is AMAZING – to me – as an observer – is how an entire population (im not picking on Australia, but humans in general) can ride a bus off the edge of a cliff because the busdriver said he knows the way. No one yells, and if they yell, in hindsight, it wasnt loud enough. No one walks down the aisle and grabs the wheel, and if they do, in hindsight, it was too late. We are an interesting species of liars, followers, doers and dreamers. I anticipate entire swatchs in Australia, Africa, South America, India and Asia will have to become ecologically unsustainable and a billion collective people will have to die before anyone takes notice.


Scomo: hey look we got a surplus! And of course union busting and religious discrimination bills are more important!


It’s not like December is the hottest part of the year in the Southern Hemisphere where Australia is or anything