Men of reddit, what’s a thing that can be scary about being a man?

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No assumed support network. Too many men become isolated and lonely because they cannot share their emotions with their friends. Government services will also put you right to the bottom of every list so don’t become homeless.


The first time one of your balls ascends into your groin


Fear of failing the people who are depending on you.


Being seen as a child predator simply for being a man near children. Whenever I see a child that might be lost, I need to remind myself not to help no matter how much I want to because “strange man approaching child” looks bad to too many people. One day, while shopping with my wife, I noticed a small child without her mother who seemed upset. Ignoring my usual restraint, I approached her to see if she was alright. All of a sudden, her mother emerged from behind a corner, called her over, and gave me a nasty look. I guarantee that had my wife been the one approaching this little girl, she would have been seen as “caring and motherly”, not “evil person who wants to snatch a small child for perverted reasons.”


Prostate cancer