Merkel faces backbench rebellion over Huawei – In a blow to the German chancellor’s authority, backbenchers from her own party and her main coalition partners have united to block the controversial Chinese telecommunications company from the project.

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It would be pretty careless by Germany to give Huawei access to this critical infrastructure.


If Huawei has no connections to the Chinese government, why is the Chinese government threatening retaliation if Germany chooses not to do business with Huawei?


Trudeau and his party won’t block Huawei either. Also voted to block the establishment of a committee on China’s threat to Canadian sovereignty just a few days ago. Makes me wonder..


Good, she’s shown her true face after supporting a communist government with who is committing genocide, threatens the sovereignty of other nations, and infiltrates other governments all while championing their racial supremacy.


I like Merkel, but there is no other option. Letting China get even the slightest hand in a country’s telecommunication after what has been revealed about Australia is absolute madness