Mexico trade negotiator: We’ll never accept US ‘inspectors’

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Because they’re corrupt and everyone has always known Mexico doesn’t enforce its own labor laws.


USA: Ok Mexico can we agree to treat workers slightly better and pay them a decent wage? Mexico: Of course! We’d be happy to. USA: Ok can you show us that you’re doing it? Mexico: THIS IS A VIOLATION OF NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY HOW DARE YOU AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


This is because the United States, Canada, and Mexico have different legal proceedings for the endorsement of the USMCA/T-MEC/CUSMA In Mexico when the Senate approves the treaty and it goes into effect, it is law. Other legal changes are then made to avoid contradiction or to take better advantage of the treaty, e.g. for industrial policy, etc. But in itself the treaty is in automatic law. In the U.S. the treaty is translated into an “Implementation Law” that includes the commitments made and other internal things, such as budgetary needs derived from the treaty, the redesign of its institutions, etc. In this, as a concession to the hardliners of Congress, its bill includes an internal monitoring mechanism of Mexico’s Labor Reform, which is redundant to the provisions of the treaty, it’s 90% internal and harmless, *however,* that should have been warned and expressed mistrust. As part of this monitoring mechanism, it is contemplated to name 5 diplomatic labour attachés in Mexico, whose function is not clear but that Mexico will NOT accept if they are in any way disguised inspectors, for a simple reason: mexican law prohibits it. Sending labour attachés is something WHICH WAS NOT PART OF THE NEGOTIATIONS, it is an unilateral U.S. law. It is an internal policy of the United States that they want to enforce in Mexico. This is the issue; the United States wants to legislate internal policies in territory that is not under its control Seade’s statement goes in the direction of denying american laws from being enforced in Mexico.


I think this is a really big overlooked aspect of the Warren campaign – she basically has all these labor restrictions that would block international trade and if she actually followed through would them would basically result in America only being able to trade with Europe.


Would the US accept Mexican investigators?