My school teaches us that Mother Teresa was a “Righteous Servant of God”, I told them otherwise

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Quite right. Horrific human being.


And that teacher’s name? Albert Einstein. While I defend your views on Teresa, the way you express them makes me thing you are embellishing too much this story.


Hitchens has a lot to say on her. Look it up.


>I immediately raised my left middle finger so the class would know, This is the cringiest thing I’ve ever read on this sub. Being the angsty atheist teen is going to do nothing but make people begin to dismiss you completely out of hand. You’d’ve been better served asking questions to get the teach to say the things you were screaming about. And why’d you just straight to “NOR IS SHE INDIAN IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE!” Did the teacher even mention that? I’ve never seen anyone claim she was, and I went to Catholic school for middle and highschool. It’s Mother Teresa 101 that she’s Albanian. I’m not defending her at all, pretty much everything you said was/is true. However, the way you claim to have gone about this seems unnecessarily antagonistic. I’m sure many of your classmates could be open to hearing about the “truth” that the catholic church doesn’t present, but you risk coming off as a crazy conspiracy theorist/contrarian/someone that is just looking to rile people up if you do things the way you described.


> maybe I did overreact If your post is reflective of what happened you ranted and swore. Definitely not a good look for your position and only strengthens the convictions some people have that she was a good person. Next time keep your calm, don’t use any foul language (not even hell) and then you may be able to get people to listen. Know your audience.