New York Times: US ‘secretly expelled’ Chinese officials who entered ‘sensitive’ military base

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Good. It’s time we stopped tolerating their shit.


It’s time high time the civilized world shuns everything related to China. They are the biggest threat to the environment, human rights and the global economy the world has ever faced. Cut them off economically. Sanction them. Isolate them. Keep them in check until the Chinese people rise up and revolt against the CCP, or until the CCP can learn to play by the rules.


They wanted to go to the land of the big PX and get them some Levi jeans.


And the State department handled it correctly, expelling the diplomats. Unless you are some complete hick from the country, regardless of the country, you know not to wander around a military base unless invited or otherwise have business there. The Chinese officials knew what they were doing.


I was under the impression any foreign diplomat should be automatically assumed a spy? Isn’t this how it’s always been since the cold war?