Once your kids are old enough to remind you of things, you’ve essentially given birth to an external hard drive.

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You created a hard drive with a 2-inch flash drive


I tend to complete sentences (yes that’s impolite / rude.. I know), but very often my husband is missing a word /it won’t come to his mind and he pauses midst sentence for 2-3 seconds, so I fill in the word – My 4yo son started doing this now too.. And it is hilarious overhearing their conversation with the tiny high voice completing the fathers sentences/thoughts..


They need multiple expensive updates though.


one that does’t work like i want it to, can’t connect to shit, i can’t reliably put info in and get it back out, and the cost upkeep on this motherfucker, both resources and time, fuck me. kidding, i’m kidding. i don’t have a kid.


If you try hard enough, you’ve given birth to a washing machine or dishwasher. Future Partner, if you really push it!