Oregon officers can no longer ask random questions during traffic stops. An attorney hopes more states will follow

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In Florida I was pulled over for having a decorative plate around my tag. The cop asked if I had money on me. I said yes and he said a lot? I didn’t know what to say, what’s considered a lot? I was a 21 year old, recently married and delivering pizzas, I was paid in tips so I always had money on me. Was it illegal? I started to cry saying I had my rent money in my wallet. He asked how much that was, $500 He rolled his eyes and said I could legally carry up to 10k He searched the truck and let me go


Random questions like, “Joey, Have you ever seen a grown man naked?”, or “Joey, have you ever been to a Turkish prison?”


Years ago I was pulled over for a burned out license plate light and the officer had the nerve to ask if I had any guns or drugs with me. No sir, I don’t. I was sitting there thinking how stupid does this guy think I am, as though if I had a stolen ak 47 and a kilo of cocaine in my trunk that I’m going to volunteer that information


I was pulled over a few years back and I voluntarily informed the officer of my CPL and pistol. Even though in WA you don’t have to say shit. I don’t want to get ventilated by officer “muh safety”. The officer responded like a scared little girl, called backup and had me step out of the car, put me in cuffs and disarmed me. All for not seeing the speed limit change from 30 to 40 lol. He racked the slide and let a 9mm round just roll down the hill. Very public safety minded right? This cop was asking WHY i had a gun. WHY does a non citizen have a CPL etc. I asked him why he’s questioning the authority of his superiors that actually issued my CPL in the first place. The backup deputy actually apologised for it all, gave me back my gun and no ticket either. I think he fully understood that the whole thing was an overreaction. Moral of the story. Shut the fuck up. Give them the bare information they need. Anything else, they can talk to your lawyer. I dealt with that asshole for 30 minutes in the rain because I said something I thought was appropriate.


It’s interesting how we feel compelled to answer questions from those in authority… and that we don’t often realize *we don’t have to.* *Every* question a cop asks you on a ‘routine’ traffic stop, sadly, is a trap to build a case against you. > ‘Where are you headed?’ Any answer can be seen as a destination to go somewhere and commit a crime. If you say home and you aren’t the most direct path headed home, you are seen as a liar and up to something no good. > ‘Where are you coming from?’ *From there?!* That’s where crime happens?! You must have been up to no good! Or if you came from a restaurant or bar…. > ‘Had anything to drink tonight?’ If you say yes, even if it’s **ONE** drink, you’ve admitted to drinking alcohol and now here you are DRIVING! You monster! If you say no and the cop can smell the alcohol from that lone drink… now you’re a LIAR. And a DRINKING LIAR, at that. > ‘Is this your current address?’ Translation: If you’ve moved since getting your license and you haven’t updated your license, you can be fined for that. All the questions are no-win situations. Keep your mouth shut and be respectful and brief in any responses.