PayPal and Microsoft’s employee holiday gift is a game changer for working parents

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So many employers, especially tech companies, tout how they are so progressive they are and how much they want to encourage mother’s working in the workforce. But the single biggest thing they could do would be to offer free childcare in the office. A small part of a single floor dedicated to child care would be huge for working mother’s (and fathers). It likely wouldn’t cost nearly as much as all these one off programs they do to promote how friendly they are towards working mother’s.


Sigh…i need to get a good job


My office (employer) just offers plenty of PTO. As well as a work culture that doesn’t guilt-trip employees for taking time off – even if it is just to have time to Christmas shop. I took this past Friday off to have the day to shop – while my daughter was at school, and there were fewer crowds. I have co workers who have been taking half days to shop as well.


It’s only for the holidays? That’s honestly not even that big of a deal. I guess it’s better than nothing, but I feel like the company is just doing this to pat themselves on the back. Start offering year round childcare or subsidizing it for your employees so the don’t have to spend over $1k a month per kid to go to work.


Sounds like a press release to just look good to me. If you can’t trust multi-national corporations, then who can you trust?