Protests in India over citizenship law turn deadly | Emotions in India are running high with many angry over a controversial bill passed by the Indian government. Police reportedly killed several demonstrators in Assam state, and people torched cars and staged protests.

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This was a stupid move stemming out of prejudice and lack of discourse. The nature of protests are different in different part of India but ultimately it’s the CAB that is being protested against. Modi and his First Lady Amit shah are just trying to push their agenda without any regard for minorities or the poor. They are religious zealots who will destroy India without realizing what they’re doing.


This is a slippery slope to fall down. I’m a Hindu Indian and I dont support this bill. This may turn into a nightmare really soon. How are people supposed to prove their citizenship going back years? My dad who was born in the 50s doesn’t even have a birth certificate and he was from an affluent family himself. Right now its immigrant muslims, next it will be all muslims and then anyone who opposes Modi. Finally ending up in Orwellian China. Edit- Thanks for the silver! But I’m only expressing my view based on my experience.


Somehow the government seems only to care about contentious issues and ignore the real issues. Right now Indian economy is spiralling downwards, there are no jobs in the market, police needs reforms, judiciary needs reforms, education needs reforms, farmers needs help. There are 100 other urgent issues but these thugs want to focus on how to marginalise Muslims. India it seems is learning from Myanmar. Great example to look up to!


My, my. What’s this? India elected a hardline conservative into power and now people are getting unfair treatment? Who would’ve thought!


Indian here. Tbe government has been using Hong Kong tactics to demonize protestors