PSA: If you are compelled to deny medical services or medication to people based on your religious beliefs, stay out of the medical field.

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Can you imagine going to the grocery store and having the cashier refuse to allow you to purchase a steak because he is a vegan? What if you went to a restaurant, and the server refused to bring you your meal because it’s Ramadan, and he is a practicing Muslim? Would you be upset if the Starbucks barista gave you a decaf soy latte instead of your actual order because he is a lactose intolerant Mormon? Basically, if your personal belief is incompatible with your occupation, and you are incapable of providing the service you were hired for due to this belief, find a different occupation. And employers, if you discover an employee refusing service on the grounds of personal belief, fire their asses. Yes, religion is a protected category, but refusing to do the job you pay them to do is not.


They think they are doing the Lord’s work by actively doing this. It won’t stop them.


> The United States of America isn’t shifting towards a theocracy; it’s shifting towards more social freedoms. And because of this, the religious are demanding their OWN “freedom of conscience” which is a euphemism for “freedom to discriminate without suffering any consequences.” Asshats.


I had a co-worker who refused to be the primary nurse in therapeutic abortions because of religious reasons. This individual was the coordinator for the service line of obstetrics and gynocology at the hospital I worked at. I never understood how this person got away with that. I always had to be the nurse for that procedure because I believe in providing unbiased care for all. This person is retired now.


I’ll never understand the arrogance of the religious that get into a career then expect that job to change to suit their beliefs. Just pick a different line of work. I’m an atheist, so I’m not going to set out for a career as a preacher, then insist that I shouldn’t have to actually preach a holy text because I don’t believe in it.