Schiff: I ‘hope to hell’ I’d impeach Obama if he did the same as Trump — If Obama had done what the current president is accused of, the House Intelligence Committee chairman told ABC’s “This Week,” then “every one of these Republicans would be voting to impeach him.”

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I’ve said this so many times. If this was a Dem, they’d be all over this.


I’ve tried to sum up the abuse of power in a way that someone who hasn’t been following the news or someone who’s highly partisan can understand. Sort of an expansion on an analogy by Pamela Karlan, a constitutional law professor. I changed a few details, but the core abuse of power notion is still the same. – The year is 2011. Obama is running for his second term in the 2012 election, and Mitt Romney is becoming a top political rival. – A hurricane or natural disaster hits your home state. Congress uses taxpayer money to allot hundreds of millions in disaster aid funds. Your governor requests a meeting with Obama to discuss the situation, and the aid still hasn’t been released. On a phone call with your governor, Obama says he will meet with him (and lift the aid hold), but he’d “like the governor to do a favor though”… he wants your governor to look into the the son of Mitt Romney. (Side note: there is no evidence of illegal activity by Romney’s son). He wants a public announcement of it, too, so that everyone knows. – The aid your state so desperately needs ends up being withheld for months, to the confusion of your state government and a dozen U.S. officials who give warnings and file complaints. The aid is withheld until a U.S. official’s whistleblower complaint is made public. – Additionally, it turns out this pressure campaign was not conducted through official channels, but through Obama’s personal lawyer. All of Congress, much of the State Dept., and all of the public was kept in the dark about this pressuring. – Over a dozen U.S. officials testify before Congress. Virtually all of them corroborate the whistleblower’s complaint, and the basic notion that Obama had no interest in investigating corruption with the governor. Several believe it was obvious Obama was putting self-interest over the interests of The United States. No witnesses were able to provide exculpatory testimony or evidence for the President. Every single person involved was ordered by Obama’s WH to defy all forms of cooperation with an investigation, and four key witnesses were ordered by Obama to defy Congressional subpoenas. Would you consider this an abuse of power and a dereliction of duty to the Constitution and the citizens of the U.S.?


Something big needs to happen during the Senate trial….something like a call recording being leaked/released or Bolton testifying before some House Committee while the Senate trial is going on.


If Obama had done this, Republicans would have piled in their pickup trucks with torches and pitchforks in their lil’ hands then circled the White House to demand that he vacate the premises.


LOL Obama would have been impeached the second anyone got a sniff of him paying a porn star hush money. Fuck you mean!? Trump walked through that shit because he is held to a significantly lower standard.