(Serious) Gay men of Reddit, what was your “Sorry ladies, I like men” moment?

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I’m more on the skinny side of men and if you looked at me long enough you’d know damn well I’m gay. Apparently though it depends on where I am that people notice this fact. While at a bar with a couple of my friends (3 straight dudes and 1 bi guy) I was talking with a lot of the women that my straight friends were chatting with as well, just being friendly you know. One of them, really pretty lady, was talking to me and telling me that she liked my confidence in talking to women (which my confidence comes from wanting a conversation not a hookup) and gave me her number. Let me tell you my conversational confidence dissapeared like that and I panicked and was like “oh my god I’m so sorry I’m gay I like men ahhaaha”. Luckily she didnt seem to fazed by that and we ended up having a lovely conversation.


I had a group of girls on the train once chastise me for staring at their friend’s butt. I told them I was gay and was only staring at her questionable fashion choices. (She looked fine, but I was a little insulted and had to retaliate)


I was getting drunk with my manager out in the parking lot after my last day of work. General I’m going to miss you, it’s been fun, remember that time.. kind of stuff. She confessed she had feelings for me but because of the company’s strict rules on fraternization she kept it to herself. She then asked if I wanted to go back to her place. Now I never talked about my sexuality, I prefer to be single so people would probably assume from a distance and never be validated one way or the other. I wouldn’t lie if someone asked but I pass for straight so no one ever really did. I told her what the deal was, but surprisingly this didn’t change her mind. She was not a person that was used to or would tolerate rejection. This made her a great GM but not very personable. In fact she kind of got offended and continued to come on to me regardless, right there in the front seat of her car. Again I told her it wasn’t going to happen and I didn’t feel comfortable with her advances. She then tried renegotiating, asking if she could just suck my dick instead.


Haven’t had one. Usually ladies just ask me if I have a “girlfr…” pause as if coming to a realization and continue with “rrrsignificant other?” Just started a new job and that exact sequence of syllables has happened to me at least three times in as many days. Apparently I’m just obvious enough that you can tell, but not until you’re mid-sentence.


One time I told a girl that I liked her boots (in my defense they were awesome) but she and her boyfriend thought I said boobs. “Oh god no I’m gay” helped me a lot that day.