(Serious) What was your”Oh shit I’m dating a crazy person” moment?

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Went on a date. Something just felt off and he was very clingy but I agreed to a second date because I thought maybe he was nervous. I was 18 he said he was 22. Second date I felt really uncomfortable but couldn’t pin point why. He said he didn’t have social media but when I got back to my apartment I googled him. He wasn’t 22 he was 28 and was a registered sex offender. I threw up and was completely terrified.


Compared to the more hilarious things, mine is a little more serious and depressing. My first serious relationship was in college and at first she treated me well. After a while things turned emotionally abusive but me being naive and also easy to manipulate, I didn’t see it. She turned me against a lot of my friends and family. Side note but important: my dad has been through some shit relationships in the past including my mom. He’s usually a very quiet person and usually lets me figure out my mistakes on my own. My real wake up moment was when I was on the phone having a fight with her, and she was literally berating me and my dad stomped into my room and shouted loud enough for her to hear “this is NOT what you deserve and she isn’t worth it!” I left her about a week later once I was able to get all my shit from her apartment. When my calm, collected father gets involved I know something isn’t right. She ended up getting into another relationship like two months after I left, and looking back on everything, she probably had some seriously unresolved PTSD from her childhood. I hope she got the help she needs, but I sure hope she isn’t abusing her current S/O. Edit: thank you for all the positive feedback guys. I should probably clarify— I’m not a man, lol.


He told a joke I didn’t get (a niche reference to car radio installation, iirc?) and I laughed politely because that seemed like the response he was looking for. He then *screamed* at me, “You don’t understand that joke! You shouldn’t be laughing at that joke!” I mean, fuck, he was right that I didn’t understand it, but then why did he tell it to me in the first place?


When my best friend and I first met, we were kinda in a dating gray area, knowing we would never work as a couple but still spending every spare moment together. She has bipolar disorder with psychosis. I knew this at the time but I hadnt seen it in action yet. We would do this thing where we would find a half way point between our two apartments and spend hours there talking. One night it was about 3am, fucking freezing, and we were siting outside an old public library talking and she was manic as fuck (though i didnt quite recognize it as mania yet at the time). The library has these Egyptian relief carvings around the doors and at one point she stopped talking and got really quiet and looked like she was spooked. I thought I said something wrong so i got quiet too and after a few moments of silence she said “we have to go because the Egyptians are moving.” It took me a few seconds to realize that she was seeing the figures in the carvings move. She knew it wasnt real and she was embarrased and freaked out but in hindsight it was a blessing because it made her feel safe with me before the much worse things that were to come. That was 6 years ago. We live together (platonically lol) and she is being treated for her illness and its under control.


I want to say I realized it as I was sitting on the windowsill of the 2nd floor wondering if I would die if I hit the pavement. Thankfully I snapped back to reality and realized that I shouldn’t sacrifice my happiness for a manipulative douche that forces me to work while he had no job, clean his house, and made me do humiliating things like dry him off after he takes a shower by saying pat pat and patting him with a towel. He seriously got pissed when I told him I wouldn’t do it anymore and said it was a sign that I loved him and he would think I didnt love him anymore of i didnt do it. I started planning my escape since my parents lived a 12 hr drive away. I told them to get me 4 months from the time I texted them because it would give me time to get out of there to a safe place and I would send the safe address to them when they were ready to leave and drive to me. I waited till he fell asleep 3 days before they would be there, threw all my stuff into trash bags and threw it off the back porch where a friend waited below with a van and I booked it. I shut my phone off for the next week and when I turned it on he asked where I was and I said far away from you.