Seymchan Meteorite from Russia in 1967

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Why does it look edible to me? Like a big chunk of halva.


Not the actual meteorite. More a cut out of it. You can buy meteorite plates that were cut out of one, to admire the structure below. This is a cubic cutout. The actual meteorite was as blob-shaped as they all are, due to the deformation during atmospheric entry and the friction heat generated upon this flying rock.


I knew it, Minecraft world is a real Planet, this is the proof


How big does an asteroid need to be for it to be able to condense metal particles into a solid block like this under it’s gravity? Or is this likely a fragment of a much bigger object? I guess I pictured asteroids being an accumulation of fine dust-sized particles into more macroscopic objects


You’re ALL wrong, that is CLEARLY the Tesseract. Avengers, ASSEMBLE!