Should I buy a washer and dryer or continue going to the laundromat?

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Having a washer/dryer in your own home is one of modern life’s great luxuries. I wouldn’t even give a damn what the cost savings are or are not. Buy a washer/dryer.


Personal finance answer: Buy a used washer and an ikea dry rack. Real answer: Buy a new (discounted) washer and dryer and check on the warranty. Citi card offers a warranty on goods after manufacturers warranty. If you try to buy a brand new LG for $1200/unit your insane. A Kenmore at home depot will probably be right under $400/unit on discount deals. Breakdown of cost: Who cares, consider the convenience and the availability of a dryer when you wake up with wrinkled clothes. Public washers are usual filled with vomit, poop, or MRSA since other users dont want to use theirs for that kind of filth.


I got my washer and dryer on Craigslist for 150$ great shape the old owners just upgraded theirs.


$25 per visit? Sweet jesus. Buy the damn appliances. You’re not even factoring in gas or time spent driving there.


You can buy new washer and dryer for approximately $800. Assuming you go ONLY once per week, that would take you 32 weeks at $25/week to see the cost benefits. If you look around, you could probably find used in good condition for cheap. I took a used washer and dryer from my great grandmother’s old house when she passed away that lasted me 4 years before I had to replace. Bare in mind, new appliances will typically come with your standard X year(s) warranty also.