SpaceX to Make Starlink Satellites Dimmer to Lessen Impact on Astronomy – Future batches of the satellite will have a special coating to reduce their reflectivity

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Spray up some Vantablack!


I’m love imagining astronauts on space walks essentially tagging satellites. Banksy…in spaaaacceee!


Won’t Anodising work? I have no understanding of the effects of the vacuum or radiation on an Anodised part but I would have thought that it would be a quick and easy solution.


Anyone else think that the astronomy community is going at this the wrong way. From what i understand the atmosphere is the biggest hurtle in astronomy and that space based is the way to go. After they spread out its not easy to see them at all with the naked eye so that shouldn’t be a problem. Shouldn’t they be making a deal with Elon like “Hey your blocking our view but how about you send this massive telescope to space instead as penance.” I mean a 100 ton space based telescope much better then any ground based version that currently being built. It seems like they are just wasting money on ground based when the option for space based large telescopes are going to be possible within the next couple years with Starship and New Glen. I’m glad that the reflectivity question was asked but i see the advantages out weigh the limited future of ground based astronomy.


So why are they darkening 1 satellite, but not the rest 59 in that group?