Sunset on Mars by the Mars Curiosity Rover

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It’s cool that I get to see a goddamn sunset on another planet while sitting here, hangover in my dirty Pj


God just the thought that there are probably billions and billions of sunsets happening right now all over the universe right as I type this comment is just insane. Edit: As u/not_a_toad stated, there are probably more like a few hundred billion trillion sunsets happening right as you read this, so amazing!


Camera sensitivity going up or maybe the atmosphere is different on Mars. Hard to say. Never been there.


Sun sets red on the Blue Planet Sun sets blue on the Red Planet


I think the biggest thing that the people living in Mars a 100 years from now will really miss is the sun. You might be able to replicate a lot of things, but it will be a long time before someone can replicate that warm, bright natural sunlight everyone gets to experience on Earth.