The Cold Moon… Last full moon of the decade

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Here we go again. They started counting with one. So the first year of the first decade was 1. The first year of the next decade is 2021.


We still have a year in the decade OP. Your personal opinion in this is not relevant.


Reposted as uploaded incorrectly… Many have ideas of what this signifies…. I photographed this composite of two exposures during my last night in Naboisho Mara Conservancy in Kenya shortly after watching a Leopard cub hiding in the trees. All shot on Sony a7iii 100400GM lens at 400mm f5.6 Sky: 1/80 sec ISO 2000 Moon: 1/4000 sec ISO 1000


Thx for the settings! I was literally trying to take a similar photo last night and couldn’t quite get them right though I did figure out that I was going to need to make a composite of the two exposures to get retail in the moon. Here’s hoping tonight is clear enough again!


This shot us impressive to say the least. TIL cold moon…have never heard it called that. Would you know what the last moon of a millennium is called?