The Ocean Cleanup Device has returned from the Pacific Garbage Patch with Its first load of plastic

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“After months of research, failures, and reconfigurations, and weeks spent at sea traveling to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and back, The Ocean Cleanup’s device—a 2,000-foot long floating tube that skims the surface of the water to catch plastic trash—has returned to shore. And with it, it brought back 60 bags, sized one cubic meter, full of plastic trash, everything from fishing nets to plastic bags to microplastics one millimeter in size.”


This effort is going to be fucking futile if we do not change literally the world’s view on the effects of trash too many countries just straight up dump trash everywhere and the US cheaps out and sends out trash to those countries


They should bring back Garbage Pail Kids cards, but made from the recycled plastic and call them Garbage Patch Kids.


“Cool, now we’ll just send those bags of plastic to China for recycli- oops.”


I hope that eventually a bunch of robots will clean up our human messes.