The UN climate talks are over for another year – was anything achieved? A conference marked by squabbling and deferral yielded little progress despite protests. “These talks reflect how disconnected country leaders are from the urgency of the science and the demands of their citizens in the street.”

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So fun to see these billionaires and world leaders get on their dozens of private jets and private transportation vehicles to sit through environmental impact meetings that could be done entirely virtually. Lead by example. Nothing screams: “Rules for Thee, Not for Me” more than this elite group of jetsetters and their tri-annual conventions of accomplishing absolutely shit.


There is an entire generation of political leaders in this world that will be known for their complete and total failure on this issue. It will swamp anything and everything else they may have achieved. The extent to which aged leaders are disconnected with the very near-term ramifications of their inaction and weakness is terrifying and sad. Luckily, people are making changes without them.


But when I say politics needs to go for good and science should take over and lead I get banned from other subs…let’s see what happens here.


Y’all in here forgetting that a tremendous amount of people in the democracies where it matters STILL don’t give two sh**s about climate change and carbon emissions. Remember, a MAJORITY of people keeps (re)-electing those politicians and keeps buying those billionaires products…


All I know is that I’m voting for the person who will concentrate most of their power on helping the planet. This denial bullshit is fucking dumb! I cant believe in 2019 the world is the same as it was 30 years ago