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I get the argument that everyone has a right, but where that fails is that education is not guaranteed either. It’s like driving on a road, you need a license. If you want to get a public education, you get vaccinated


It will be great if New Jersey passes this, but keep in mind that NJ is one of the wealthiest and most well-educated states in the country. Other states with more fundamentalist Christians, and less educated people in general, are going to be tougher nuts to crack.


*They said they were outraged by what they see as government intrusion in violation of their First Amendment right of religious freedom. They vowed to pull their children out of school or move out of New Jersey.* Well, bye.


When you believe in Jesus so you give your kids polio


> Others said they trusted that God had created their bodies strong enough without vaccines. Oh how they are so fucking wrong. It’s like they ignore world history like the plague.