TIL in Italy, blasphemous profanity is considered especially taboo, with some considering blaspheming vulgar whilst finding casual swears relatively acceptable.

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yeah it is, it’s also the same reason why us italians drop a lot of fucks around. It’s quite acceptable


>Italian writers have often used profanity for the spice it adds to their pages. This is an example from a seventeenth century collection of tales, the Pentamerone, by the Neapolitan Giambattista Basile: >>*Ah, zoccaro, frasca, merduso, piscialetto, sauteriello de zimmaro, pettola a culo, chiappo de ‘mpiso, mulo canzirro! ente, ca pure le pulece hanno la tosse! va’, che te venga cionchia, che mammata ne senta la mala nuova, che non ce vide lo primmo de maggio! Va’, che te sia data lanzata catalana o che te sia dato stoccata co na funa, che non se perda lo sango, o che te vangano mille malanne, co l’avanzo e priesa e vento alla vela, che se ne perda la semmenta, guzzo, guitto, figlio de ‘ngabellata, mariuolo!* >This tirade could be translated like this: >>*Ah, good for nothing, feather, full of shit, bedpisser, jack of the harpsichord, shirt on the arse, loop of the hanged, hard-headed mule! Look, now also lice cough loudly! Go, that palsy get you, that your mom get the bad news, that you cannot see the first of May. Go, that a Catalan spear pass through you, that a rope be tied around your neck, so that your blood won’t be lost, that one thousand illnesses, and someone more, befall you, coming in full wind; that your name be lost, brigand, penniless, son of a whore, thief.* And they say the Spanish Inquisition burned, goddamn.


Don’t say a naughty word against the big sky daddy or your priest will rape you, again.


I’m the north they are less touchy about religious swear words dioccane and will in fact, diobboia, not flinch while saying stuff like Madonna putana porcoddio!! However in the south… also the south is very touchy about mothers/sisters, in the north people joke with each other incessantly using those whereas in the south it should be done with much more precaution…


Whaaaaat? Italy is the capital of catholicism? Woa would never have known that