TIL that a group of striking coal workers in West Virginia had leftover WWI chemical bombs dropped on them by the US government during the 1921 Battle of Blair Mountain, the largest labor uprising in American history.

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It was one of the few instances of use of aircraft against civilians in the United States, and the only case where the US Air force was used against Americans. When some of them were tried for treason, their lawyers displayed to the juries the bombs used against their clients, who ended up acquitted.


Fun fact: the do NOT teach us this in state history (I’m from WV). Didnt hear of Sid Hatfield until I was fucking 26. Union leader assassinated on the courthouse steps, and somehow that story didnt seem interesting or important enough…oh, yeah, our books WERE subsidized by Massey Energy, why do you ask?


By the time they were marching to Washington DC, they had a larger standing army than George Washington.


And they’ll do it again


Goes to show that the constitution ultimately is just words on a paper.