TIL that the dust storm that sets off the events in the film “The Martian” isn’t plausible because the atmosphere on Mars is about 1% as dense as Earth’s and the winds in the strongest Martian storms top out at about 60 miles per hour, unlikely to tip or rip apart major mechanical equipment.

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I think Andy Weir has stated that he knows the storms wouldn’t be like that on Mars, but he needed the plot device to get things going. I think he said that was the weakest point of the plot.


Plus Sean Bean survives to the end, that movie is full of scientific impossibilities


>Mars’ dust storms aren’t totally innocuous, however. Individual dust particles on Mars are very small and slightly electrostatic, so they stick to the surfaces they contact like Styrofoam packing peanuts. > >The possibility of dust settling on and in machinery is a challenge for engineers designing equipment for Mars.


TIL The Martian isn’t a documentary.


you’re not plausible shut up I love that movie