Trump is just 67 votes away from being an ex-President and it’s freaking him out

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What we had >The President took refuge in the work. Getting things done was both his strategy and his way to get through all of this. And we all took our cues from him and kept our heads down and did our work. >- A staffer on what Clinton did when he was being impeached What we have now >On Thursday, Trump unleashed a barrage of 123 tweets during the House Judiciary Committee debate on the articles of impeachment Honestly, who has time to tweet 123 times in a day and still work? That would get most people fired.


It still baffles me that McConnell, Graham and Rand Paul made public pronouncements that they won’t be impartial jurors and will rig the process for Trump. This means that no acquittal can have legitimacy. Every history book will make note of the fact that the Senate Leader vowed to corrupt the Senate trial to favor Trump. In my mind, this will actually do as much damage to his legacy as the House impeachment.


“Adding to Trump’s stress level are comments like the one made by former GOP Senator Jeff Flake, who recently declared that there would be “at least 35″ Republican senators who would vote to remove Trump if ballots were kept secret.” I don’t think he is freaking out nearly enough. He’s only been to the hospital once. If he was over the top, he’s be going weekly.


Trust me, it will do *GRIEVOUS* injury to this malignant narcissist to have the word “IMPEACHED” tagged onto his name for all of eternity. He knows he was found guilty, he knows his eventual “acquittal” is a sham, and he knows how the history books will read.


Dems need to start working on messaging by floating “President Pence” into the thought sphere It’ll also fuck with Trump bigly when news media start repeating “President Pence”