Turkey may shut US nuclear weapons base over sanctions threat

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Not without a coalition decision.


I’m sure we have a lease, just like we do on gitmo. So we would leave if we wanted to and not before. Syria isn’t going to attempt to invade the base and not be wiped off the map


In other news, US balks at Turkey’s threats.


It’s too bad that the US isn’t better friends with Armenia, because it would be the ultimate power move if they just moved both bases to Armenia. And for good measure they could lob a few missiles into Turkey and then call Erdogan to say, “dang if only you had an American radar base you would be able to see the missiles that are about to hit you!” At least that’s how my petty inner child would solve this crisis.


Turkey attacked our special forces and the Kurds. Erdogan should already be out of power… For the stunt Erdogan pulled, typically, his life would be forfeit.