UK PM Johnson cannot keep Scotland in union against its will: Sturgeon

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I hope Scotland get their independence, if that’s what they want. Then they can remain in the EU, as the majority of them voted to do. Edit: well man alive, I have tried my best to respond to every reply, but it’s been going on hours and I’m getting tired. Thanks to everyone for all the civil discussions. Surprise or not, I believe a healthy amount of disagreement is good for understanding your own views even better. I won’t reply to any more tonight, I might carry on tomorrow, but I have a super busy day ahead, so don’t hold your breath.


Man as an outside observer, this whole brexit and dissolution of the UK thing has to be one of the most epic “own goals” in history. I really hope Scotland bails, and Ireland someday unites, just to see the look on brexit supporters very surprised Pikachu faces. But I’m guessing they wouldn’t even be able to tie the two things together. Russia thrives on the ignorance of western citizenry.


It would be the height of hypocrisy to deny Scotland the freedom to separate.


I actually wonder if the Tories want to split up the UK. Leaving the EU, dumping NI and Scotland gives them absolute power in England and Wales. They would have a huge majority in parliament and no EU stopping them doing things.


Sturgeon: The deal was we’d stay part of the UK so we could stay in the EU. Johnson: I have altered the deal. Pray I do not alter it further. đŸŒ‘