University campus attacked by police amidst protests against Citizenship Amendment Bill, in New Delhi, India

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World needs to pay attention to this


The Indian government introduced a bill called the National Registry of Citizens to identify illegal immigrants in India. When the NRC was conducted in one state called Assam, 19 million people were found to be excluded. Many of these people are Indian citizens. The NRC imposes significant difficulty in proving citizenship. Merely having a passport, or voter id card is insufficient, you need to have documents to prove you, your parents, and all your grandparents are Indian citizens. Unfortunately, many of these people were born under British rule where colonialism and illiteracy made documents hard to come by. Of the 19 million excluded 1.2 million were Muslims and 0.7 million Hindus. The Hindu nationalist government knows that it could not strip 7 million of its own voters of citizenship and thus introduced the Citizenship Amendment Bill. The bill imposes a religion test for refugees and immigrants to gain citizenship. Hindus, Buddhists etc will gain citizenship but Muslims will not. Combined together, these policies will exclude millions and millions of Muslims of citizenship since the government plans on expanding the registry throughout the country. Protests are taking place in universities all over India. The government has sent in police forces which are firing at the students for protesting. There are unverified rumours that they are burning hostels down. Arrested students are being denied lawyers and the government is cutting off internet and telephone access to people in areas where protests are taking place.


This is Modi’s new India everyone.


India is turning into China except for the economic growth.


Hope the world sees this before being downvoted to Oblivion