USA – 43% of 18 to 29 year old are religiously unaffiliated. 39% in the same age group don’t believe in God. For 30 to 49 year old, 24% don’t believe in God. These are the highest non-religious numbers ever and are part of a report released this week.

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Goes along with the declining numbers in churches… nice! The fascism is going to really ramp up from the right wing due to this.


Good, can we get a dating app for atheists now. I’m tired of explaining to people why they’re wrong.


If you are in this demographic and reading this, your peers need you to register to vote, learn about the candidates in big and small elections, and vote in every primary and general and other election you can. Your grandparents, parents, bosses, landlords and CEOs never miss a ballot, neither do any of those old folks in church. No excuses anymore, we can’t blame our age anyone. We have to exert some power or the geriatrics will own us for another decade.


But that won’t mean shit unless they all go out and VOTE. The religious minority gets away with a lot of shit because they are old and VOTE. They put judges in lifetime seats, they put know-nothings in legislatures and enact laws that limit our freedoms for generations. GET OUT THERE AND VOTE YOU DUMB MOTHERFUCKERS! Don’t just sit back and say, “oh, I’m woke, I don’t believe in made up dumbo jumbo.”


43 down, 57 to go.