‘We’ve seen enough’: More than a dozen editorial boards call for Trump’s impeachment

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the amount of stress this is causing the public is unreal, how is it possible that our government has turned on the people by tricking the racist half into thinking the scary brown people are the problem. at what point does every one get together and just tear fox news down by hand because this is going to far.


The Wall Street Journal wrote recently that if impeachment was to happen, then it would set too low a bar for others in the future to be unnecessary impeached. My reponse to the journal, and the writer oof this article here (whom included that passage): You must live under a rock. How dare you all play down the grotesque character of the man in office. Enabling him further will only piss off the people who actually love this country. Get a new job, one which requires less responsibility as does reporting facts in the news. Because what you guys are doing is out right wrong. Misleading a country so you get a bigger pay c heck. Rubbish.


And yet will the Repubs step up and do their job or is Trump setting such a bad example that they think they can be __________(fill in the blank) too? And Graham and Barr and fucking Moscow Mitch too.




Trump basically is now Putin in as far as his power grab. He can’t be yanked out without some serious and potentially very disruptive protesting that needs to happen. There needs to be more. It needs to be going NOW, and it needs to be Constant and massive. There needs to be an absolute frenzied level of protest at EVERY place a republican might work, sleep, eat, get a haircut, take a shit… everywhere. The only way they’ll kick Trump out is if these assholes doing the blocking know they’ll never be re-elected again in their ridings. That is what all politicians care for. If they cannot move an inch without hundreds of people screaming and yelling and protesting at them constantly then they’ll become uncomfortable. You need to basically harrass the shit out of them (to the full extent of legality) and make it so they can’t think. You need to make it impossible for them to move without being screamed at. Interrupt their dinners with shouts, protest outside their homes loudly and all night. Protest at their offices. Protest so loud they can’t order a coffee at starbucks because there are 5 people screaming at them to GTF out. Protest so constantly and loudly their children will be asking ‘Daddy why is everyone so mad at you? Why are those people screaming at us?” And it needs to go on relentlessly. Bring the drums, the megaphones, the noise makers. If the Republicans don’t do what’s right here you need to keep the protests up and ramp the protests up. THIS is the only way to get Trump removed.