What is something that affects people but you have an immunity to?

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A lot of people have died, I haven’t yet.


Drinking caffeine between 6pm and 2am doesn’t bother me at all. I’ll sleep when I want to sleep. Edit: Thanks for the concern on telling me this’ll change when I’m older. I’m 44 next week.


Not exactly an immunity but I was born without wisdom teeth, and hearing that from the orthodontist after my brother had his taken out was a huge relief. Edit: looks like I’ve got a lot of homies in the same boat. Hooray mutation


The cold. Most people around me are just waiting for winter to be over, but I’m loving it. Well, it’s not as if I’m immune to the cold, but I do like it more than being too hot. I’d rather have the option put on more layers of clothing than not being able to escape the heat.


Mosquito’s, they don’t like me for some reason. When I visited a friend we were outside and she was being bitten like hell but not a single one went near me even though we were sitting side by side, I wonder if it’s because of my anemia.