What just makes 0% sense in 2019?

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The fact that some people dont vaccinate their kids


Indian people polluting their most holiest river Like why? If you think it is holy, then why are you throwing trash in it?


People. someone on linkedin messaged me regarding a job role (IT), we spoke for 2 hours I gave my cv, asked requirements etc. only to at the end hear “are you a born British citizen?” to which I said no but i lived here for 13 years… “Oh sorry we only hire British born citizens”


Bad CCTV footage. HD cameras are so cheap nowadays and the storages is pennies, you can get a decent low cost CCTV system.


Having to dress up and drive into an office to do a job that could easily be done from home. I get it, you want to make sure your employees are actually working. But fucking seriously… wouldn’t you KNOW by seeing the work hasn’t been done? Why do I have to waste gas and time when the internet… you know… exists