What this country really needs is freedom from religion

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Australian politics are completely fucked at the moment. My town has literally been burning for months and our fire department is running out of funds and we’re all running out of water (the local dam will be empty in less than 6 weeks if we don’t get rain), and in other parts of Australia, the government has give a new coal mine unrestricted access to billions of litres of water on an area that has been declared in a drought for hundreds of kilometres around. But our politicians don’t give a crap about anything to do with the people anymore. It’s all about pleasing their coal buddies in the mining sector so that when they go through the revolving door into a job there they get paid a lot and avoid their taxes. Sorry for the rant, I’m just really frustrated.


I’ll laugh when they die


Literally arguing in favor of something described as a “discrimination bill” should really give you an “Are we the baddies?” moment. Imagine looking at the world and thinking the problem is minorities don’t have it rough enough.


“Religion Poisons Everything” No truer words were ever spoken.


Im not austrialian, but this is still a huge problem around where i live.