Yes, An iPhone Can Cost $999, But An Xbox Series X Can’t Cost $600

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Tldr; So reason 1. People need a phone so it is OK to gouge then Reason 2. Sure you pay more than a thousand bux. But you don’t pay it at once. Reason 3. The gaming industry frowns upon high prices for consoles. There. Saved you guys a read and that shit article revenue.


The hard reality is that people who buy a $1,000 phone are usually downloading apps that cost them nothing. I’m not including advertisements and privacy infringement as part of that cost, but that is the cost they pay A video game console is a luxury, as the article insinuated. Not to mention for the “apps” You are showing out 50 to $60 each not to mention the cost of having some kind of accounts you can be online with it, something many of these games now require. throw one more thing out there. A video game console is meant to sit on a shelf safe and sound. A phone is meant to go into your pocket, purse, coat…and will see much physical wear and tear. Some of that cost is hopefully on the idea that dropping your phone once isn’t going to completely destroy it. drop an Xbox or a PS4 that same distance to the ground and I guarantee it’s going to be broken.


Are there any non-absolute-garbage phones out there for a couple hundred. I think this insane expensive phone thing needs to end


This didn’t even mention that most consoles are sold at a loss, a loss that is made up for with those online fees and being locked into the ecosystem where they take the 30% cut of sales.


The article says phones are NECESSARY for survival. Sure they are but $1000 phones aren’t. Alotta people are switching to cheaper yet functional phones to battle the habit of always needing a new phone and their smart phone addictions. The only valid point in this article was the fact that from a competition standpoint, microsoft wouldnt wanna release the xbox at $600 while sony could undercut them like they did w/ the current generation of consoles