Dems Tells Federal Court Mueller’s Secret Grand Jury Materials Could Lead to Second Impeachment

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I don’t understand how so many subpoenas and judicial orders can be ignored with impunity.

The coup was so well organized that all three branches of government were subverted. Trump is not smart enough to do that, so who are the traitors that organized it?


Yes, we’ve had first impeachment but what about second impeachment?


Mueller literally testified in front of this entire country on national television that he ended his investigation early because Trump wasn’t co-operating with it and it was more important to get out the details of known Russia’s active measures and election interference than let Trump delay it indefinitely.

Talk to me about a second impeachment when that’s addressed.


Interesting. Democrats know he’ll be acquitted in the Senate, so they’re going to split up the impeachable offenses so that Trump is the only president in history with multiple impeachments.

Not saying that’s why they’re doing it, but that kind of historical distinction is important to Donald.


> House Democrats told a federal court on Monday that they will continue impeachment investigations into President Donald Trump after the scheduled vote on articles of impeachment later this week.

Me like


TIL Once a year, fish swim to Mexico for an orgy so loud it can deafen dolphins and sea lions

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Once a year, college students go to Daytona Beach for an orgy so loud it can deafen dolphins and locals.


how hard would you have to clap fish cheeks in order to deafen other animals??


Then there was the time I came across the AC/DC tour bus broken down on the highway, and they asked me to party with them.
Good times.


Spring Break right?


I went one year.. Food was okay; but I met Kanye!


Upon launch in 1988, Space Shuttle Atlantis had a hole blasted in the underside, plus damage to 700 heat-tiles! It survived re-entry by fluke (metal antenna near the hole absorbed extra heat). Commander Robert L. Gibson felt strongly they would NOT survive re-entry. NASA admin ignored his concerns.

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That’s insanely frustrating to learn considering just two years earlier NASA leadership also ignored engineers’ concerns about the ability of the infamous O-rings on shuttle Challenger to withstand colder temperatures than they had test data for… temperatures which were predicted for its next launch window.

Who knows what would have happened if they had another disaster so soon after that one. And based on what we know from Columbia, they got damn lucky.


I upvoted for the info that I didn’t know about but really want to downvote for the stupidity of NASA admin.


Everyone knows about the two “bad luck” Space Shuttle missions that ended in tragedy, few people know about the many “good luck” Space Shuttle missions where tragedy was averted by the narrowest of margins. For example, STS-9 had two separate near catastrophes (a computer malfunction and hydrazine fires in 2 out of 3 of the APUs, both near or during landing). The Shuttle was a poorly designed system and the only reason it had a perception that it was not was because of a massive amount of institutional delusion, dysfunction, and good PR (bordering on propaganda).


Same with both Discovery’s “Return to Flight” missions, STS-26R and the one post STS-107.

Both missions had the biggest amount of missing tiles.

This was a well known problem since STS-1 and NASA was cocky to ignore it like “we believe in the machine”.


Though I strongly believe the heat tiles were sufficient even with all the missing tiles after reentry, it was a cascade of events that led to the loss of Space Shuttle Columbia in reentry, not the heat tiles.

However something that made me furious is the protective layer on the wings that were sumposed to be +30cm thick because during the investigations they found out it was less than 2cm (not sure, but wayyy less than 30cm), but didn’t explain why it was less. It was the main reason we lost Columbia.


NASA be like: Naw, you got this. We’ve only had explosions going up, not down.


3,600-year-old disposable cup shows even our ancestors hated doing dishes

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I read about a dig where many small unfired clay cups about the size of a BigMac box where found scattered. Tracing the pattern back to the source led to what was probably a food stall. So someone was selling food in disposable containers in antiquity.


Humans never change.


I bet they even had their own kind of beer pong.


They also had novelty cups, one was found that had a clay penis poking up that would only be revealed after the liquid was drank.


As someone in the catering business this is sort of fascinating to read. I can definitely imagine amature potters getting hired to mass produce these things and get a ton of experience in the process, it looks like it wasn’t made with any particular focus but speed.


I’ve been researching Nazi mass suicides out of morbid fascination. A few questions

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This topic has devolved. If any wish to start a new topic with specific questions, please feel free to do so.


Christian Goeschel has an interesting book you might want to check out. It’s titled “Suicide in Nazi Germany.”

From the book’s final chapter, Downfall, which will be the most useful chapter of you’re looking to learn more:

When hearing the news of Hitler’s death, some Nazis reportedly committed suicide immediately, thereby following their leader into death. Goebbels, Hitler’s official successor as Reich Chancellor, had his children poisoned before requesting a SS guard to shoot his wife and himself. In a letter on 28 April 1945 to his stepson Harald Quandt, Goebbels claimed that his death would set a heroic precedent for a new Germany which would ‘survive this war, but only if it has precedents at hand on which it can lean itself’.19 Suicide figures among the party and SS top echelons were staggering. Eight out of 41 party regional leaders who held office between 1926 and 1945 and 7 out of 47 higher SS and police leaders committed suicide, followed by an unknown number of lower Nazi officials. For these Nazis, life was impossible after the Third Reich’s downfall. Fear of Allied retribution and the notion of self-sacrifice may well have motivated these suicides. In the Army’s top echelons, suicide was also widespread, perhaps because of the Army’s complicity with Nazi crimes. According to a 1950 statistic, 53 out of 554 army generals, 14 out of 98 Luftwaffe generals and 11 out of 53 admirals killed themselves.20

I’ll also put here some of the information most relevant to your focus on the propaganda:

On 19 March 1945, Hitler decreed that the German infrastructure must be destroyed so as not to hand it over to the Allies. The Nazi regime and the civil administration slowly disintegrated. Now that total victory was impossible, ‘at least defeat could be total’, as one historian perceptively noted.26 Dying a soldier’s death was more dignified than negotiating for peace. The significance of dying a violent death dated back to the initial period of the party’s struggle for power (Kampfzeit) and the experience of 1918, which had led to an idealization of the soldier’s death in Nazi discourse, such as in the Nazi cult of Horst Wessel. This corresponded with Nazi notions of a distinctly masculine way of dying. In this way, the suicides of Nazi leaders in 1945 were not understood as suicides as such, but as heroic self-sacrifices undertaken for the future of the Nazi creed.27

The author Wilhelm Pleyer penned a lengthy propaganda article, entitled ‘Risk of One’s Life’, along these lines on 28 March 1945 in the Vo ̈lkischer Beobachter. He claimed that ‘to risk one’s life does not merely mean to die, but also to really stand up for a cause…and the desire to sacrifice one’s personal existence’.28 Pleyer wanted to encourage people not to give up resisting the Allied enemies. ‘Self-sacrifice’ rather than cowardly surrendering was the way to maintain one’s ‘honour’, the same newspaper claimed on 16 April 1945.29 Likewise, in the most expensive German colour film hitherto made, Kolberg (1945), for which Goebbels had written most of the dialogue himself, the people of Kolberg, a town in Pomerania which had allegedly not surrendered to Napoleon in 1806/07, served as a heroic precedent for Germans facing an ever more hopeless military situation. Only a stoic attitude and a readiness to sacrifice oneself could thus lead to the final victory.30

In a way that strongly characterized the Nazi regime’s final months, the self-historicization of the Nazi leaders drew upon references to famous heroic deaths in history. Goebbels is said to have read out passages from Carlyle’s history of Frederick the Great to Hitler in the bunker. In these passages, Frederick the Great contemplated suicide by poisoning himself when the military situation had seemed hopeless to the Prussians in 1757 during the Seven Years War.31 In a radio speech, Goebbels claimed on 28 February 1945 that Frederick the Great had only known ‘victory or death’. In the same broadcast, circulated in most German newspapers on 1 March 1945, Goebbels alluded to the Stoic heroism of Roman leaders such as Cato of Utica. Cato had preferred to die rather than surrender his life and body to Caesar’s mercy. Anticipating his wife’s and his own suicide and the murder of his children, Goebbels declared that he ‘would not find it worthwhile to live … neither for his children nor for all those whom I loved’, but would prefer, if Germany were defeated, ‘cheerfully to throw away his life’.32 Thus, Roman political suicide and not the highly-ritualized voluntary suicides of the Japanese Allies served as a seeming precedent for Nazi leaders.

According to rumours circulating among diplomats of those few states still represented in Berlin, Goebbels had glorified suicide at a press conference on 3 March. A conservative German diplomat allegedly commented upon Goebbels’s speech dryly: ‘The Nazi leadership could long ago have set a good precedent by doing away with themselves. That would have been a blessing for Germany and the world.’33 Nazi leaders thought that suicide or rather ‘heroic self-sacrifice’ allowed them to retain a sense of honour, separating them from the bulk of a German population increasingly unwilling to continue fighting. It placed them in control of the decision of when and how to die. Hitler and other Nazi leaders did not see their suicides as acts of despair.34 Hitler thought of his decision to stay in the bunker and die by his own hand as honourable in contrast to ‘cowardly escape or even surrender’ and as a heroic precedent for German troops to keep fighting. In his political testament of 30 April 1945, he blamed the Jews for unleashing the Second World War and portrayed his imminent suicide as an act of heroic self-sacrifice.35 He insisted:
May it become, at some future time, part of the code of honour of the German officer, as it is already in our Navy, that the surrender of a district or of a town is impossible, and that the leaders here, above all, must march ahead as shining examples, faithfully fulfilling their duty unto death.36
A radio broadcast on 1 May 1945 claimed that Hitler had died in action, ‘fighting for Germany until the last gasp’.37


Japan… pretty sure there is a book about Saipan called suicide island.

Also, Okinawa.


I remember reading a book ‘Regiments of Evil’ set at the end of WW2 in Brno, where it mentioned mass suicides of German civilians, especially women. In Protectorate, the German civilians had a hard time to comprehend the loss of war and their suicide was a way to escape a brutal retribution from a local population or in case of women, rapes. Many were not sure of their future, because they were not sure what will happen to them. The expulsion was looming but to go where? Ruined Germany? To be a enslaved by Soviets? Back in 1945, many civilians did not know what will happen to them and optioned for a suicide as a way to leave the world with a dignity.


I’m not sure the government advocated suicide in as many words, but Japanese propaganda relating to US treatment of POWs was apparently so horrific that thousands of soldiers and civilians would throw themselves from cliffs rather than be captured.

it might not be what you’re looking for but there have also been mass suicides like the Jones Town massacre where instead of a government a charismatic cult leader pressed their followers to commit suicide. however it could be very easily argued that he coerced his followers into committing suicide as there were armed guards making sure his followers took the poison.


Assembly votes to eliminate religion as reason for N.J. children to avoid vaccines

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Bout time


This is amazing and should have been done ages ago. Child should get sick due to their parents beliefs.


This needs to be a damn Federal law.


Church, State and Health should always be separate.


And then these religious parents force religion into their children to use them as obedient little slaves for the installation of theocracy.


Anti-Gay Church Elder Busted Soliciting Young Men For Prostitution On Grindr

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>Police report that “DILF” told the undercover officer that he “would love to have a sugar daddy relationship,” and offered the undercover officer gasoline and an Arby’s gift card in exchange for sexual favors.

Gas, grass or Arby’s. Nobody rides for free.


Degrading others for being gay because they’re fighting their own urges is usually how it goes smh


I have always maintained that homophobic persons are doing it out of fear and doubt of their own sexuality.


*As is tradition.*


I’m shocked.


In the early 1960s 19.5% of Americans lived on less than $9,269 per year (in 2017-dollars). Today only 2.3% do.

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The main issue with this paper is that it counts the profits of the health care industry as income for low income people. The various Census Bureau poverty measures still show around 40 million people in poverty if you don’t assign health care industry profits to them.


Is this better or worse when you consider that most women didn’t work in the 60s?


Which is why these narratives get so tired after a while


In the 60s the average person in the world has never ridden in a car. Today anyone with Wikipedia have access to more knowledge than anyone single person in history.


so 2.3% of Americans make less than 9.3k per year, and 44% make 18k or less per year….. that seems incredibly unlikely to me.

Note that i’m saying that 44% make less than 18k per year is BS not that this number is BS


Giuliani Ally Says $1 Million From Russia Was Loan to Wife

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Open corruption is what Trump promised America and exactly what he has delivered


>Monday’s filing by Parnas’ lawyer said the $1 million didn’t belong to Parnas but was a loan to Svetlana for a term of 60 months at a 5% annual interest rate. It didn’t say who made the loan.

That’s around $18,900 per month payment, and the article says she is a stay at home mom worth about $200k in assets.


>Got a call from Parnas’s wife



>The filing left much unexplained about the payment, including who provided it or what it was for. Prosecutors said Svetlana Parnas is a stay-at-home mother with $210,000 in assets of cash and jewelry, raising questions about why a lender would extend a $1 million loan to her.

The little lady’s knitting habit is getting out of control, yes comrade?


Of course! His wife’s fault! Why didn’t anyone think of that before now…. /s


TIL Hawaii’s lava flow has added 570 acres of land to Hawaii’s Big Island since 1983

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To answer a question I see asked a few times here: The 2018 eruption alone created about 875 acres of new land, which the state of Hawaii owns. Folks who owned land in the eruption zone still own their land, it’s just covered in black rock now. The linked article is outdated – from before the 2018 eruption concluded. There are tons of fascinating facts about the eruption regarding how much lava was flowing, the volume and speed of it, how it was more by X date of this eruption vs. all of the 1950s flow or 80s flow, etc. I live in Puna, 10 miles from Leilani, so witnessed the entire event, rode out all the earthquakes, flew over the lava river in a helicopter a few times, and now I frequently go to the new black sand beach it created – all very amazing stuff.


Is any of the land habitable?


Unfortunately the new land is state owned. Have some friends there who used to have beach side property.
They managed to save their house, but now the beach is much farther out, across land that isn’t theirs, and the road is still covered in Lava rock, so getting to their house takes a little off-roading now. They sometimes think about what if the lava had claimed their home so they could’ve gotten paid out to go get a new beachfront home that’s road accessible.




The fastest growing state in the US.