2,000$ a month income, no expenses, how to budget?

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If you have no expenses, then your budget should be zero and you should save every cent of it. But if you need a little bit for personal expenses, set a nominal budget of like $100 and all the rest should be saved. You arent going to have many times in your life when someone else is footing all your bills, so you better take maximum advantage of it now.


It makes sense you feel a little lost when you have little to no experience with finance. That’s okay! You’re in a good space to ask questions and can do lots of your own research. Do you track your spending? That probably will give you the best sense of what limits to set in a budget. Also, are you saving for retirement? An IRA might be easy peasy for you without any monthly expenses. What is your health insurance? Can you contribute to a HSA? Do you have any major purchases coming up? (car, house, grad school, trip, etc) that could also be part of your inspiration to budget and save money.


You sure spend a lot for having no expenses.


Do you have any debt? Knowing that will help with setting a budget. If you don’t, set an amount for personal entertainment expenses like online shopping, going out with friends. Then save the rest. $500 a month for spending cash should be a good start then adjust that as you go. The more you can save the better.


When you are in a lower tax bracket, consider a Roth IRA after any match from your job.