6.8-magnitude quake rocks the Philippines

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I know a guy who got his wife from the Philippines. They love these sorts of disasters because it puts them ahead of the entire world to immigrate to the United States. She divorced him exactly 3 years after she got here and left him without a trace. Every time there is a disaster there I think about that…lol


3 killed (one a 6-yr-old) so sad:(


This is the same spot that had a few 6+ earthquakes a few months ago.


This is pretty awful on top of the bad typhoons that have been going through. The Philippines has a lot of disparity amongst citizens as some metropolitan areas have the same standard of living as some really progressive and wealthy European countries while other areas are as poor as other third world countries in Africa. These sort of disasters are no deviation from what the citizens know, but it doesn’t make it any less devastating. Some areas still don’t have electricity or internet access from the typhoon a week or so back. This is only going to set everything back more.


Hope they’re all alright