75,000 people call on Congress to ban on facial recognition tech

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I’m personally curious and excited to see what the fashion industry will do with face mask in the next decade or so. You know, since we’ll all be wearing them to prevent the government from tracking my face all around town. (Even though they already do that anyway)


“Only 75,000 people care about us not instituting facial recognition tech. The other 327,125,442 do not seem to mind, so we will be putting it into full force by the end of 2021.” Not a single non-corporate or non-government entity wants that stuff, but the Powers-That-Be would LOVE it to the extent they’ll find some way to get it in place, however low-key they need to start.


The weirdest thing I saw using facial recognition was YUM YUM food Corp (owners of chains like KFC). apparently in a handful of test restaurants in Japan they used facial rec to start prepping orders earlier. It just wasn’t facial rec but they had like 40 different aspects it also took into account. Time, pace of walk, gaunt of walk, facial cues etc to determine if you were happy, sad, tired, hungry etc. All in hopes of figuring out if they could recognize if people had a tendency to order certain things with certain cues. Like if they looked sad they would want more “home comfort cooking” (IE carbs) foods like mashed potatoes. Or if they looked happier and walked faster that they would order something lighter like a salad. I never would have thought of this but apparently it worked pretty well. People smarter than I


The problem with surveillance of all sorts is the asymmetry. Other humans get to see you, see where you’ve gone, examine your phone records, internet history, transaction history, and more. You, on the other hand, have no idea who those people are; what information about you was accessed, or how that information was used or misused. The camera is one-way. You can’t challenge the person on the other end: “Why are you looking at me? Why did you listen in on my private phone call? Did you use my information for your own personal benefit? Are you just a creep?” I’d love to see legislation that fixes that problem: think of it as GDPR for governments. Imagine if you could demand, from your government, the full record of every bit of data associated with you: from every agency, for as far back as the records go; all within 24 hours of your (free) request… including the names of any humans who accessed that information and the reasons for that access. There’s no legitimate reason we couldn’t do this, and it would go a long way toward protecting privacy and freedom.


and some people in congress reply with : 75000 people like to see terrorists roam around freely