92% of Americans think their basic rights are being threatened, new poll shows

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Our rights got truly fucked with the patriot act


Unfortunately half of these people hold this belief entirely based on the brainwashing of conservative media. You’ve got racist southerners who think their Freedom of Speech is threatened because someone told them they shouldn’t say the N-word, while Trump is calling for the silencing or even arrest of journalists who don’t cover him in a favorable light. You’ve got ultra-rich frat boys and incels who think their Right to Equal Justice is threatened because liberals want judges to take rape accusations more seriously and actually listen to victims, while the Trump administration is scooping up immigrants, separating them from their families, and then ‘losing’ them – or just letting them die in prison without a trial. You’ve got keyboard warriors who think their Freedom of Expression is threatened because they were banned from Twitter or Reddit after posting death threats and racist tirades, while left-leaning protesters are constantly threatened by the President and even killed by right-wing extremists. You’ve got Christians and Catholics who think their Freedom of Religion is threatened because someone said ‘Happy Holidays’, while Muslims are being treated as badly as ever, accused of antisemitism at random, and barred from entering the US at the whims of the President. As long as the right-wing propaganda machine keeps churning this stuff out, these people will never realize that they aren’t the real victims, and actually aren’t victims at all.


The GOP is the biggest threat to basic human rights.


>Sixty-three percent said they would miss freedom of speech if that right was taken away WTF is wrong with the other *37%*?


But do they agree about which rights?