All the jobs Barbie has had might just be from all the pornos she’s acted in.

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Nah, life in the dream house confirms she’s actually done all those jobs (and has a bit of doubt when she is about to tell her age and realizes this really doesn’t make sense). Though I imagine she’d be the greatest goddamn consult for any porn “Look, I’m just saying this airplane cockpit isn’t even remotely regulation. Nobody is bending me over this hack work, especially at that angle. Dont give me that look! Hands up if you have an oscar for directing. Yeah, that’s what I thought.” “Okay Barbie I know you know your shit but we dont have the budget to hire a guy to make new props!” “Hire a…? Nah, just get me a blow torch, a face mask, and the green purse in my ferrari. I can do this myself and not even miss my lecture at Stanford tomorrow.” *barbie then proceeds to make a panel that could actually be installed in a Boeing and work, fixes the studio wiring when the lights start flickering, and gives the sound people the music she wrote and made for her scene before she gets started. Afterwards, she recognizes the signs of a burst appendix in one of her scene partners and performs an emergency appendectomy.*


Barbie was modeled after WW2 German sex dolls…so not far off.


You can understand why they put so much effort into costume design in porn when you realize the actors don’t have genitals.


ha, “might”. Any young lad that got a hold of a barbie made sure she got it on with action man several times a day. Sometimes it would get weird and snarf would join in.


“He’s hung like a Ken doll”