Boris Johnson approves release of Russian interference report following election win

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No. He. Didn’t. He got the headline, but no, he didn’t. The report was cleared for publication by the now previous ISC in October. Johnson, and only Johnson blocked it’s release. He is now saying he is fine with a newly appointed ISC (appointments that will this time be under his control) making their recommendation to him about its release. The nominations will take weeks, the review process months, and this time the report will be controlled by Johnson’s own appointees. In a few months IF people are still paying attention, the report will be handed back to Johnson with all the right redactions put in place the former ISC members have already cleared for release. The old report is dead, and has now been successfully buried. That is the real headline. He didn’t release it, or we would be reading it. He started a process for it’s release over again. A process he now conveniently determines exactly who will be in control of what information the report will contain. He got his headline, but it’s bullshit.


So even if there will be some proof of Russian interference or attempts thereof, Boris can just say “tough titties, election’s over”, right?


This is like that show where the masked magician would do a trick, then show you how he did it.


BoJo has approved release – but it still cannot be released as there is no security committee. Getting a new committee will take months and they then need to approve release. My guess is it will find no Russian influence as all the former Russians trying to influence elections or referendums are now British Citizens.


Let’s see how this goes. A billion things could be tampered with between now and the document’s release.