Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party wins UK election with commanding majority, Sky News projects

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I’d like my fellow Americans to pay attention to this huge warning. So many are bold enough to think Trump is as good as gone. You would be wise to acknowledge those devoted loyalists who simply aren’t participating in conversations so they can bask in the smug glow that their “silent majority” produces, and then to consider a change in tactics.


Big reminder, Blair is the only labor leader to win in the last 45 years


Another 5 years of austerity and chaos, FPTP is such a messed up system and Brexit is geopolitical suicide for the UK. Myself and many others of the younger generations will never forget or forgive these past few years of political shambles, and it’s only going to get much worse.


Once again the bubble Redditors live in is popped and they come to the realisation that they don’t know quite as much about the world as they would like to think.


Heres to another five years of getting fucked in the ass by the torys