Dems Tells Federal Court Mueller’s Secret Grand Jury Materials Could Lead to Second Impeachment

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I don’t understand how so many subpoenas and judicial orders can be ignored with impunity. The coup was so well organized that all three branches of government were subverted. Trump is not smart enough to do that, so who are the traitors that organized it?


Yes, we’ve had first impeachment but what about second impeachment?


Mueller literally testified in front of this entire country on national television that he ended his investigation early because Trump wasn’t co-operating with it and it was more important to get out the details of known Russia’s active measures and election interference than let Trump delay it indefinitely. Talk to me about a second impeachment when that’s addressed.


Interesting. Democrats know he’ll be acquitted in the Senate, so they’re going to split up the impeachable offenses so that Trump is the only president in history with multiple impeachments. Not saying that’s why they’re doing it, but that kind of historical distinction is important to Donald.


> House Democrats told a federal court on Monday that they will continue impeachment investigations into President Donald Trump after the scheduled vote on articles of impeachment later this week. Me like