During WWII, did Germany use any foreign engineers/scientists, or incorporate foreign technology/science?

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Pretty much all armament industries in occupied countries kept producing for the German war machine. Also Germans put a lot of effort into putting captured gear back into service although it was mostly given to low priority troops like anti-partisan units or allies that couldn’t produce enough own gear like Romania.


You NEED to read the book “IBM and the Holocaust”. The Nazis had so much outside help that it was a miracle that they didn’t win.


My friend’s dad was a brilliant physicist and a French Jew. His talent was so great that the Nazis chose to enslave him into designing armaments instead of annihilating him. He survived the war and forgave the Germans, moved to US and became a physics professor at an Ivy League university.


My math teacher told us a story how his old math teacher was from Poland and such a great mathematician that the Nazis invaded his village just to capture him. They used him to figure out how to shoot down planes with artillery.


After reviewing all your wonderful comments, I am now wondering what was it like for arms manufacturers in occupied territories to be making weapons for their ruthless occupiers, the Germans? Was there pushback? Were they making money out of this or were forced to manufacture? And if so WERE THEY PROSECUTED BY THE ALLIES AFTER THE WAR FOR SUPPLYING ARMS TO THE GERMANS?