Eating hot peppers at least four times per week was linked to 23% reduction all-cause mortality risk (n=22,811). This study fits with others in China (n= 487,375) and the US (n=16,179) showing that capsaicin, the component in peppers that makes them hot, may reduce risk of death.

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Now repeat the test by just administering capsaicin so we can determine if it’s that ingredient or something else associated with eating peppers


Is it possible that this is related to the phenomenon discussed in the newest Veritasium video? Could the stess induced by spiciness trigger a defensive response by the body, causing genetic information to be preserved better?


So it would be helpful to understand the form of these peppers and whether that’s important. Whole raw peppers? Whole cooked peppers? Lightly processed (dried and ground)? Fully processed with the capsaicin extracted and refined?


Hey I’m sorry what does the n = ____ mean?


Maybe people who eat vegetables like hot peppers live longer.