Elizabeth Warren: The government listens too much ‘to rich guys who don’t want to pay taxes’

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You guys should really listen to The Daily interview with Warren and how she fought hard against the Obama administration to really hold AIG and the rest of them accountable and find out where the money is going from the bailout. Some parts are to hard to listen to because of the type of questions the reporter kept coming back to despite getting an answer. The true reason Wall Street and their allies are really afraid of and angry at Warren is because she knows all of their tricks and is laser focused on getting to pay their fair share. She can’t be bought or threatened and she has been on top of them since the late 90s. She strikes a unique a fear in them because most of the powerful people they come across either don’t really understand what they do, can be either bought or threatened, or just straight up want them to succeed in their endeavor to take the more money no matter what. Warren isn’t any of those things.


The way the interviewer questions her really shows how the wealthy have brainwashed the country in the believing it’s not possible for middle class people to be treated fairly without crashing the economy. She keeps saying it’s not working for most of the people in the country and he keeps pointing to stock market numbers and corporate concerns.


Because too many people in the government are on the payroll of rich guys who don’t want to pay taxes.


About half of the house consists of millionaires, the government is literally made of rich guys that don’t pay taxes


Listens to? Hell… the government is RUN by those guys, operating through their public facing (and disposable) puppets! Local through Federal. It is beyond fixing.