Erdogan Threatens To Recognize Genocide Of Native Americans

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US citizen here. Do it. Failed flex, homie.


Don’t know how the average US politician stands towards that, but I’d say go ahead? Genocide is genocide. It would mean that he can’t stay angry towards other nations for recognizing the Armenian genocide.


Good. Do it.


Next he’ll threaten to recognize the forced migration and enslavement of Africans by the United States prior to the US Civil War


Is….. Is this a threat? I don’t know about the rest of you but I learned plenty of how messed up history was to Native Americans. It literally sounds like he is going to open a US history book and read lol. Edit: I had no expectations of this comment or the conversations that followed but I am glad they did. I definitely learned new things and I still have plenty to go through but I appreciate (from what I have read so far) the civility of the conversation and the education and links that followed. Thanks everyone!